8F UserRPL Kernel

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The 8F UserRPL Kernel is an extension library for the HP 50g calculator. It’s intended to provide a versatile and powerful set of functions spanning an wide range of general programming domains in order to ease and empower UserRPL software development. The kernel itself is written in the UserRPL language and built using the CRLIB command. For the list of available functionality and documentation on its usage see its source code.

To ease development the kernel code is capable of building and installing itself as a library when sent to and evaluated on the calculator (or emulator). However, before it can be rebuilt and installed again it must be first uninstalled. The uninstal.rpl file is meant for that. Keep in mind a couple of things, though: for technical reasons the kernel (and any library for that matter) must be built and installed before any other UserRPL library that depend on it can be successfully built, and the first kernel build usually fails with a harmless error (retrying fixes it).

For now no binaries are provided. You can build the kernel and other libraries by using the actual calculator or an emulator. Just grab the code below:

Extra libraries

The libraries listed below are domain-specific and use the services provided by the kernel.

  • buchberger.rpl: Implements the Buchberger’s algorithm for computing Gröbner basis.