Emacs Lisp Package Archive

This is an ELPA (Emacs Lisp Package Archive) comprised of packages written by myself to serve the noble purpose of filling into the gaps of making GNU Emacs a practical and convenient “computing environment” for me — after all it’s my main system at home and work, across several OSes: GNU/Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, ReactOS and FreeDOS. That means that all those systems boot directly onto full-screen Emacs (most graphically), and all my user initialization code is inside my .emacs (rather than .xsession, .xinitrc, .profile or .bashrc) – so all helper sub-processes are managed by Emacs; my window manager is EXWM (wherever possible), and I use Emacs for everything feasible, the only exception being to resort to a javascript-capable web-browser for sites requiring it and whose job can’t be done with Emacs alone.

To make all packages in this archive available for installation within your Emacs, just customize the variable package-archives to this effect:

(add-to-list 'package-archives
             ("oitofelix" . "https://oitofelix.github.io/elpa/"))

Then M-x list-packages should contain all newly available packages from the oitofelix archive.

The following table list all packages available from this ELPA and indicates whether they are available elsewhere. Although not high-priority, I try to get them integrated into the canonical upstream distribution chain as far as possible.


Name Description MELPA GNU ELPA GNU Emacs
info-rename-buffer Rename Info buffers to match manuals X    
tramp-auto-auth TRAMP automatic authentication library X    
elpa-deploy ELPA deployment library X    
eterm-fn Function keys (F1–F12) for GNU Emacs terminal X    
cpu-sos S.O.S. from a CPU in distress X    

In case you are interested, I maintain this ELPA using elpa-deploy.

I have also contributed to other Emacs packages which I’m not the main author of, either by creating new modules or improving existing ones. These are available elsewhere, but I list them here for the sake of completeness.


File Package Description MELPA GNU ELPA GNU Emacs
emms-volume.el EMMS Auto-detect available volume mixers X X  
emms-volume-mixerctl.el EMMS Support OpenBSD’s volume mixer X X