Handheld PC 2000 (Windows CE 3.0 ARM — Jornada 720/728)

These ports were made using the mingw32ce cross-compilation toolchain and therefore are native Windows CE applications. They were originally intended for my personal use, but I decided to release them for your convenience. Likely quick&dirty solutions have been used to remedy any technical difficulties in building the software. No guarantees are made regarding the usefulness or correctness of the software published here. However, let me known in case something does not work as expected. If there is interest, I may fix it.

Usually very minor source code changes were made upon the official upstream release. Virtually always this only mean including the 8fixme.h header in the offending C files. Aside from that, the relevant work is configuring the specific build system of the package at hand for a successful compilation. I have not bothered releasing neither the tiny modifications to the source code nor the (often trivial) build recipes. However, in case you do care about that, please let me know and I’ll make them available.

Lua 5.0.3

This is the latest revision of the original Lua interpreter 5.0 series, released on 26 Jun 2006. Currently, this is the only one for which the Programming in Lua book is freely available (first edition; for personal use). It’s also the one I chose to embed in MININIM. This port includes both, the interactive interpreter and the compiler.


This is the canonical interactive program used to write and verify formal mathematical proofs written in the Metamath language. This is version 0.144 (15-May-2017). Only the program binary is included in this release. The databases are huge and transient, thus you should download an updated version of only those you need from the official site linked below.

There are two known issues with this port. First, all file arguments (like the ones for reading and saving databases) must be given in full, because they are relative to the root directory. Second, as Windows CE 3.0 doesn’t implement virtual memory paging, large databases (like set.mm) exhaust memory even on 64 Mb (like Jornada 728) devices.