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This page contains a list of those people who are the writers of the philosophical essays and articles found herein. This program would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of these people, to whom we would like to say:


The names are listed in chronological order of contribution. Each person’s contact information, usually email, and a summary of that person’s contribution is put in per correspondent section.

For the list of maintainers of this package through the ages, see the thanks page.

For other external contributions, that does not matter for copyright purposes, e.g., bug reports, patch for markup and good ideas, see the thanks page.

If you would appreciate your own name listed here, please contribute! See how to contribute.

Richard M. Stallman (rms)

He is the author of the vast majority of essays contained in this package. Those are:

Brett Smith
Bradley M. Kuhn
Richard E. Buckman
Joshua Gay