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This page contains a list of bugs of this package, prerequisite software or specific platforms that you must be aware of. If there is a known workaround we describe it here too. If you want to undertake the solution of any of these bugs, we appreciate your help; please write to so we can be aware that the problem is being addressed, and talk with you how to do it best.

For more practical details about getting involved, see how to contribute.

As well as the issues listed here, there are bug reports — that you might want to be aware of — at the bug tracker web interface. See how to report a bug for more information.

PO4A can’t recognize Texinfo 5.2 quotation-like environments

In PO4A 0.45 the quotation-like Texinfo environments smallquotation, indentedblock, smallindentedblock and raggedright, present in Texinfo 5.2, are not registered in its Texinfo module, causing po4a-gettextize to yield errors like:

master.texi:71: (po4a::tex) unmatched end of environment

when such environments are found in master documents. The fix is already applied in their VCS (Version Control System) repository. You can obtain the required development version running:

svn checkout svn://

For the specific patch, check: [Po4a-devel] [PATCH] Register missing Texinfo 5.2 quotation-like environments.

ImageMagick program convert treatment of BDF and TTF fonts

There is a bug in ImageMagick program convert, which is used to perform the rendering of several language scripts, that prevents BDF (Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format) and PCF (Portable Compiled Format) formats of GNU Unifont from working properly. If you see messages like ‘convert: geometry does not contain image’ probably you are experiencing that bug. The TTF (TrueType) format of GNU Unifont is known to work properly. Therefore, to fix such a bug download the TTF build of GNU Unifont from and ask the GNU philosophy build system to use it by means of the configure option --with-font.