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My name is Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro. I’m a computer programmer, system administrator, GNU hacker and free software activist. I’m vegetarian, atheist and an adept of the full-blooded Platonism school of thought. I was born on September 12, 1989, in Uberlândia, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

There are two main virtues in life that I consider of paramount importance: knowledge and goodwill. In all aspects of my life, as long as I’m aware of, I pursue the former for the betterment of my own self and uphold the latter for the sake of community and fairness. Learning is a process of discipline and humility: one needs discipline to learn by oneself and humility to learn from others. Those are, consequently, virtues which I highly value. Moreover, in my humble opinion, contributing to the improvement of human social welfare is a moral duty of every capable person, and thus, I make it one of my main goals. In order to achieve it the solidity of knowledge must be applied, albeit with wisdom and attention to the whole extension of the ethical precepts of goodwill, one of which is freedom. Only with it we can have a healthy community and ground the basis of justice. Hence, for me, many aspects of life revolve around liberty, what explains my strong stance on software user’s freedom.

I’m a devotee of reason and evidence, and have fostered my analytical and abstract thinking by contemplating and mimicking the logical and mathematical methods of uncovering the truth. Wherever our human limitations dictate that certainty is unfeasible or impossible to achieve for the time being, the scientific method appears to me as a legitimate and important provision. I enjoy pretty much all kinds of problem-solving exercises, in special those whose solution doesn’t exist and the solver must fallback to the meta-resolution of proving it as such. Interesting enough, the completeness of knowledge seems to me as intrinsically interconnected within itself, making most matters corelated at some non-trivial level.

Although, as a self-taught knowledge-lover individual I’m interested in a wide range of intellectual disciplines, I have a particularly strong interest in Logic, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics. On the other hand, several of the humanities fields, like Philosophy, Politics, Law, Music and Literature, are also appreciated by me. However, I’m an amateur in all those areas having chosen to pursue career as a computer programmer and system administrator because of my long standing affinity with computers.

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