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I’m a computer programmer with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. In the free software community I work on the development of several projects of my own making, contribute to other projects, write documentation, publish technical articles, do translation work, help in infrastructure maintenance and provide support to users. I consider myself a good fit for any software development position because I have the technical skills necessary to get the job done, and foremost because I’m the kind of person that will put his full potential into solving the company’s problems and making their projects succeed. By my experience in the free software community, I’ve developed excellent communication and coordination skills, necessary to work productively within development teams of diverse cultural, philosophical and technical backgrounds. Below you can find a list of my published works and past experience that demonstrate my areas of expertise. A frequently updated version of my curriculum can be found online at my personal website. Looking forward to work with you!


Company Experience Period
Softbox Development of general integration infrastructure for foreign databases in Python and shell script; Reverse engineering of databases using several SQL dialects; Reverse engineering of Windows applications data obfuscation algorithms; Internal network security analysis; MinGW cross compilation; Lua+IUP development; Go programming Jan 2018 – Current date
Morpheus Ionic frontend and Spring Boot backend development Nov 2017 – Dec 2017


Project Description
ELPA oitofelix’s Emacs Lisp Package Archive
MININIM free software implementation of Jordan Mechner’s original Prince of Persia game
Scripts Simple scripts to make life easier
QDot 8086 mid-level programming language for the IBM-PC
Terminal Matrix 8086 terminal communication program
DeciMatrix 8086 matrix-like screen-saver
8F UserRPL Kernel HP 50g extension library for UserRPL programming
HP 50g JV tic-tac-toe game written in System RPL for the HP 50g calculator
GNU ccd2cue CCD sheet to CUE sheet converter
PlayStation 2 Linux PS2 Linux memory card and multi-tap device drivers and png2rgb tool
grunt-hardlink Grunt plugin for creating hard links
Allegro 5 low-level game library (patches)
Ports software ports to eccentric platforms

Additional Experience