oitofelix's face

oitofelix's face

oitofelix's face

Name Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro
Country Brazil
Birth 1989
Gender Male
Homepage oitofelix.github.io
Email oitofelix@gnu.org
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/oitofelix
GPG 7CB1 208C 7336 56B7 5962  2500 27B9 C6FD 28D6 18AF
SSH c6:11:b0:09:0d:b7:0e:4b:49:d1:36:88:da:33:a3:6e

I’m a computer programmer, system administrator, GNU hacker and free software activist with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. In the free software community I work on the development of several projects of my own making, contribute to other projects, write documentation, publish technical and philosophical articles, do translation work, help in infrastructure maintenance and provide support to users. I consider myself a good fit for any software development position because I have the technical skills necessary to get the job done, and foremost because I’m the kind of person that will put his full potential into solving the company’s problems and making their projects succeed. By my experience in the free software community, I’ve developed excellent communication and coordination skills, necessary to work productively within development teams of diverse cultural, philosophical and technical backgrounds. Below you can find a list of my published works and past experience that demonstrate my areas of expertise. A frequently updated version of my curriculum can be found online at my personal website. Looking forward to work with you!


Project Description
MININIM free software implementation of Jordan Mechner’s original Prince of Persia game
GNU ccd2cue CCD sheet to CUE sheet converter
QDot 8086 mid-level programming language for the IBM-PC
Terminal Matrix 8086 terminal communication program
DeciMatrix 8086 matrix-like screen-saver
grunt-hardlink Grunt plugin for creating hard links
MerpC Cordova-based thin client for systems serving databases through web services
PlayStation 2 Linux PS2 Linux memory card and multi-tap device drivers and png2rgb tool
HP 50g JV tic-tac-toe game written in System RPL for the HP 50g calculator


oitofelix’s homepage personal and professional homepage
GNU philosophy GNU Project’s collection of articles and essays about free software and related matters
Savannah CVS to Git migration cvs2git, cvs-fast-export, rsync, CVS, Git, Savannah
GPG and SSH key handling GPG, OpenSSH, WebPG
TLS: Libre Software LibreOffice Impress, Free software movement philosophy and history, Portuguese
XXXIII CNMAC C, Numerical resolution of partial differential equations, Paper


Stallman’s speech on free software English to Portuguese
The GNU project English to Portuguese
Free Software Is Even More Important Now English to Portuguese

Additional Experience

  • Building, improving and maintaining for two years his own version of the GNU+Linux-libre operating system, based on (GNU/)Linux from scratch
  • Setting up and using several flavors of GNU/Linux distributions
  • Providing support for users and developers of the GNU+Linux operating system in several mailing lists and IRC channels for many years
  • Managing GNU+Linux systems in networked environments as a system administrator
  • Assembling personal computers from component parts and fault-diagnosing hardware as a computer technician
  • UFU FAMAT PET member