Simple Scripts to Make Life Easier

In this page I publish some scripts I wrote (mostly Bash scripts) that I consider worthwhile for automating day-to-day tasks. These in conjunction with my ELPA form the basis of my efforts in realizing my ideal-pragmatical computing environment: a Lisp-Unix symbiosis; specifically, GNU Emacs driving (and being driven by) all other components of a GNU-based system.

Usually my free software work is released under GNU GPLv3+, but short scripts (under 300 lines total) by contrast, customarily carry a GNU all-permissive license — as recommended by the FSF.


Name Description
ssh-gpg-backup Create, verify and restore Tar-archived, Gzip-compressed and GPG-encrypted backups between remote hosts through SSH. A simple and general remote backup solution using standard GNU tools.
pkcs12-gpg-ssh-sign Sign Windows files using GPG-encrypted PKCS#12 certificate and its GPG-encrypted password which is sent through SSH